In 2005, founder Andreas Struwe initiated the sale of the first proprietary honey wine creations under the name “Metwabe.” Over the years, this has evolved into a brand known for premium honey wine and related beverages. With numerous distribution points in Europe and global exports, the company has undergone changes, yet one thing has remained constant for Metwabe: a steadfast commitment to its own standards of quality and taste.

Honey Wine – A Trend with Ancient Roots

Honey wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in human history. Metwabe is committed to preserving the ancient roots of this drink while also creating new and innovative beverages from it.

Over 50 variations of honey wine

Our stated goal is to provide the perfect product for every customer.

From traditional and classic honey wine made from a variety of honeys to exclusive mixed beverages with select juices and extracts, and even our fascinatingly shimmering MagicMead – we already offer an unparalleled variety in the industry. With this extensive range, we actively and successfully appeal to diverse target groups, enjoying popularity in multiple sectors and customer segments.

Known across Europe

Metwabe honey wines are not only highly esteemed by connoisseurs but also enjoy significant acceptance among new customers. The unique quality and diverse flavors make our products a popular choice for various taste preferences and occasions. Explore the world of Metwabe honey wine and let its distinctive taste captivate you.

Our honey wine products are well represented throughout Germany, and have also gained a strong presence in various European countries. Additionally, our online shop conveniently ships worldwide.

We are constantly seeking new partners, both domestically and internationally, who are interested in distributing Metwabe products within their respective areas of influence.

NO addition of sulfur dioxide

All Metwabe honey wines and honey wine blends are produced without artificial preservatives, including sulfites/sulfur dioxide. This ensures better digestibility and an intense, smooth taste in our products.

Metwabe honey wines are also exclusively made from genuine bee honey. (No substitutes or analog products!)