In 2005, company founder Andreas Struwe began selling his first own honey wine creations under the name “Metwabe”. To date, this has developed into a brand for quality honey wine and related beverages. With many distribution points in Europe and worldwide exports, the company has changed over the years, but Metwabe has always remained true to one thing: Its own standards of quality and taste.

Honey wine – the new trend with ancient roots

Honey wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to mankind. The Metwabe company is committed to both preserving the ancient roots of this drink and creating new innovative drinks from it.

Over 60 variations of mead

… is what Metwabe currently offers. And the trend is upwards. The self-declared goal: to have the right product for every customer.

From the original and classic mead made from various honeys, to exclusive mixed drinks with juices and extracts, to the effectively glittering MagicMead, we already offer a variety unrivalled in the industry, and thus reach the most diverse target groups.

NO added sulphur (sulphites)

All Metwabe honey wines and mixed honey wine drinks are produced without artificial preservatives (also without sulphur/sulphites). This ensures that our products are easier to digest and have an intense and smooth taste.

Metwabe honey wines are also made exclusively from real bee honey. (No substitutes or analogue products!)