Engaging directly with the customer:

Sales at conventions and weekly, farmers’, and medieval markets.

As event and market traders, that’s how it all began! Over 15 years ago, we started by introducing the first Metwabe products to the public at medieval markets across Germany.

Back then, with a small tent and often traveling alone, Metwabe has grown alongside its own event teams, establishing a growing network of professional traders.

Metwabe Mead provides its traders with specific selling points for medieval, Christmas, and farmers’ markets, and is appreciated and sought after by a steadily expanding target audience.

Most traders within our Europe-wide event network are independent entrepreneurs. Operating with their own concepts, they engage in trading mead as their main or side business at traditional markets such as medieval, Christmas, and farmers’ markets, as well as trade fairs and festivals.

While some traders earn their livelihood through mead, others see it as an attractive opportunity to occasionally supplement their hobby with additional income.

Traders have complete freedom in deciding how many and which varieties of our mead they include in their offerings. The most important aspect for us is establishing a mutual trust relationship with our traders.

Metwabe traders have access to a unique assortment of over 50 varieties of mead and mead-based beverages at attractive purchasing conditions.

We provide a stable and fair market pricing level, and through close communication, we are always ready to assist with event inquiries and provide support in the day-to-day market activities. Additionally, we offer promotional and informational materials to help with consumer outreach.

New traders wanted!

We are happy to assist in assembling the basic equipment, provide product training, and offer tips to get started!


How do I become a Metwabe trader?

The basic requirement to become a trader with us is a registered business (including small businesses). In addition to the business registration, we kindly request a brief letter of motivation. This helps us assess whether the new trader aligns with our system and how we can best support them!

Do you want to become a market trader with Metwabe?