Mead for the Gastronomy

the unconventional allrounder!

Since the foundation of our company and the establishment of the “Metwabe” brand, the gastronomy sector has played a central role as a multiplier in our distribution system.

Our focus is on consistently offering gastronomers innovative and versatile honey wine products in the high quality sector. In doing so, we aim not only to attract new customers but also to continually captivate existing ones with exciting new experiences!

In the thrilling world of gastronomic experiences, honey wines are trending, making their mark both on tap and in table-bottle sales. Their unique blend of tradition and innovative flavor captivates discerning enthusiasts around the globe.

Particularly in gastronomic domains with a penchant for unconventional demographics, such as in “Irish/Celtic Pubs” or “Après-Ski” locations, mead is experiencing a notable surge. The alluring sweetness and diverse aromas of our honey wine variations not only add distinctive flavors but also create a unique ambiance that continually captivates guests.

The growing fanbase of mead in these themed gastronomies is a clear indication that honey wines are becoming an integral part of the culinary experience. Their versatility enables restaurateurs to offer their patrons consistently new and exciting sensory adventures, thereby establishing a loyal and expanding customer base.

Chilled in the summer, mulled in the winter – versatile all year round!

It is the unique versatility and outstanding quality of our Metwabe honey wines and honey wine based products that distinctly set us apart from other manufacturers.

Our mead is crafted entirely without the addition of sulfites and is made from 100% real bee honey. This distinction makes it incredibly adaptable, whether served chilled in the summer or heated as an aromatic mulled wine in the winter – the mouthfeel remains smooth, and the taste is consistently clear and intense.

For larger-scale dispensing solutions, we offer some of our top-selling varieties in convenient Bag in Box packaging, available in 5 and 10 liters, extending up to delivery in IBC for festivals. This not only provides a cost-effective option for wholesale and events but also ensures minimal effort for the gastronomer.

We actively assist restaurateurs in strategically placing our products to capture the attention of customers. Feel free to inquire about special displays, informational materials such as table tents, and promotional posters – we are more than happy to ensure that your guests are made aware of the diversity and quality of our products!

Are you interested in featuring Metwabe products in your establishment?