Mead – the unconventional allrounder!

Since the foundation of the company and the brand “Metwabe”, gastronomy has been an important component of our distribution system. We always offer gastronomes new and versatile honey wine variations in order to win new customers on the one hand and to surprise existing customers on the other!

Whether for serving or for table bottle sales – meads are on the rise! Especially in gastronomic fields with rather unconventional target groups such as “Irish/Celtic Pubs”, “Apres-Ski” or other themed gastronomies, mead is enjoying a growing fan base!

Cold in summer – warm in winter – delicious all year round!

It is the versatility and high quality of Metwabe honey wines and honey wine mixed drinks that sets us apart from other producers. Our mead is made without the addition of sulphur (sulphites) from 100% real bee honey – a distinction that makes it versatile: whether served iced in summer or hot as mulled wine in winter – the mouth texture is soft and the taste clear and intense.

For larger-scale bar solutions, we also offer many of our varieties in inexpensive plastic canisters of 10 litres each.

We are also happy to help gastronomes with the placement of our products in order to address customers in a targeted manner. Please ask for appropriate displays, information material such as table displays and posters!

Are you interested in serving Metwabe products in your restaurant?